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Twin Gear Juicers

Twin Gear Juicers, or triturating juicers are probably the most effective at juicing.   

With dual stainless steel gears, twin gear juicers crush, compress and extract juice from fruits and vegetables most effectively.  Produce inserted into a twin gear juicer is pressed between two interlocking, stainless steel roller gears that literally “squeeze” the juice right out.  Because twin gear juicers work at slower speeds than even the single gear juicers, there is less heat and less oxidation that takes place during the juice extraction process.   

 The slower speed results in the extraction of larger volumes of juice from vegetables, leafy greens, spinach, pine needles, wheatgrass and other herbs and greens, which are foods that are normally the hardest to extract juice from.   

Fruits juiced with twin gear juicers are also subject to a more effective juice extraction process and the remaining juice is less foamy with nutrients, enzymes, fiber and trace minerals still intact.  The high compression effected by the twin roller gears rupture plant cell walls in a way that might not be possible with a centrifugal juicer.  The limitations of twin gear juicers are that they are more expensive than the common centrifugal juicer and juice at a much slower pace.  

 If you are looking for a juicer that is the most effective and are not concerned so much with portability or price, then the twin gear juicers are for you.  Twin gear juicers tend to be much heavier in weight than centrifugal, single gear or masticating juicers.  The additional cost can be rationalized by the extended shelf life of the juice extracted and the higher yields in juice.  More juice per juicing means the purchase of less produce.  

 Lastly, twin gear juicers have additional versatility.  Many have attachments that allow you to use twin juicers to make pasta, rice cakes, butters, sorbets and even baby food.

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