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Single Auger Juicers

Single auger juicers or masticating juicers have a single gear or auger.  This type of juicer works slowly and efficiently to break up fruit and vegetable fibers and plant cells.  With a single auger juicer, produce inserted are ‘chewed’ up.  This slower process results in more trace minerals, vitamins, fiber and enzymes. Single gear juicers are generally more efficient than centrifugal juicers.  More juice can be extracted from the same amount of food.  When inspecting the pulp after juicing produce through a single gear juicer, the remaining pulp is much drier.

Here are some basic advantages of a single auger juicer:

  • A single auger juicer operates much more quietly compared to a centrifugal juicer.
  • The low-speed motor eliminates oxidation, therefore, preserving the enzymes and nutrients of the juices.
  • The juice produced has very little foam resulting from a slower juice extraction process.
  • Juices from a single auger juicer taste rich and concentrated.
  • Single auger juicers are very versatile.  Leafy greens and grasses can also be juiced using a single auger juicer so there is no need to purchase a separate juicer for produce other than fruit.
  • The juice yield is more when compared to a centrifugal juicer.

There are also some disadvantages of a single auger juicer:

  • For people who are beginning their juicing journey, the single gear juicer or the masticating juicer can be a bit expensive
  • Most single auger juicers are also generally heavier in weight.  If portability is an essential part of your lifestyle, a single gear juicer might not be the best option.

Brands of Single Auger Juicers that are available through Juicers Best are: Tribest, Omega, Kuvings, Champion, Hurom, Lexen and Samson.

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