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Victorio Steam Juicer Reviews

Posted on February 24, 2013 by Juicers Best | 3 comments

Victorio Steam Juicer ReviewsThe Victorio Steam Juicer is an incredibly handy machine.  It’s versatile enough to prepare meats, jelly, or soup in a healthy way.   It operates as a steam juicer, steam cooker, colander, roaster, and soup pot. 

The steam process is a gentle way to extract juice from a variety of fruits such as plums, berries, pears, apples, grapes, tomatoes, currants, rhubarb, cherries, and many others.  All you have to do is fill the bottom pan with water while placing fruit in the colander.  Then you just close the lid and heat it on the stove.  As the water boils, piping hot steam opens the cells of the fruit and extracts the juice so that it drips in the juice kettle.  After about 60 minutes, release the clamp and drain the juice through the drain tube.  It’s as simple as that.

By extracting juice using steam, you preserve all the vital enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins that are too often lost because of oxidation and heat damage.  The result is a healthier and more natural juice that is sure to last longer than juice extracted by centrifugal juicers.

The Victorio Steam Juicer is ideal for steaming rice, poultry, vegetables, puddings, cakes, clams, fish, and more.  Furthermore, the 9-quart steamer insert can also be used as a colander.  It is useful for draining washed lettuce, spaghetti, vegetables, and garden produce.  In addition, the Victorio Steam Juicer is also perfect for simmering, stewing, and boiling soups, as well as baking and roasting pork, beef, chicken, and an assortment of other meats.

A positive feature of the Victorio Steam Juicer is its silent operation, since it works by using steam, rather than a motor, to extract juice.  You won’t have to worry about bothering the neighbors with a juicing session ever again.  Another upside to the Victorio Steam Juicer is its aesthetic and attractive design. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, the Victorio Steam Juicer is beautifully crafted with a sleek and modern build.  It makes a great showpiece to show off in any kitchen and is a perfect addition to any household.

Yet another benefit to the Victorio Steam Juicer is its affordable price.  You will find it difficult to discover another juicer that is able to do all that the Victorio Steam Juicer can do for less than $150.  If you’re looking to get serious value for your dollar when buying a juicer, look no further.

Owners agree that the Victorio Steam Juicer is a machine that was made to last.  They claim it continues to perform at a high level even after extensive and heavy duty use over long periods of time.  Victorio is so sure you will be a happy with their juicer’s performance and rugged durability, that the Victorio Steam Juicer comes backed with a comprehensive five-year warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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  • Loren Wells

    Where can I buy parts for the Victorio Steam Juicer? I need the tube and the clamp. I have owned this Juicer for years and love it. The tube has rotted out and needs replaced. The clamp I have misplaced When I moved. Can anyone help me out? Thank you.

  • Karen Winchell

    I’m looking for some of the tubing that goes with the steam juicer. I have an old steam juicer and the tubing is getting bad and needs to be replaced. Please let me know how and where to get a replacement. Thank you

  • Best Citrus Juicer

    Good steamer. It really fits.


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