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Focus Foodservice Olympus Extra Large Commercial Juice Press Reviews

Posted on February 11, 2013 by Juicers Best | 0 comments

Focus is one of the market’s leading brands for home and commercial juicers.  Known for their excellent craftsmanship and high performing juicers, Focus delivers style and quality to any kitchen.

The Olympus Juice Press is hands down, one of the best commercial juice presses available on the market today.  This juicer was designed to endure the rigors of daily and heavy duty use in commercial settings.  Specializing in juicing citrus fruits, you are sure to get maximum yield from every orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit you decide to juice.  However, the Olympus Juice Press is versatile enough to handle other fruits such as mango, pears, apples, grapes, and others.

The Olympus Juice Press is designed with an efficient 3 pinion design which applies optimal pressure with minimum effort.  It also features a stainless steel perforated strainer cone and a funnel cup that you can remove for convenient cleaning. Owners and reviewers say that the Olympus Juice Press was made to last.  It is made from stainless steel and extra-durable cast iron, and comes equipped with suction cups to provide greater stability when juicing.

The Olympus Juice Press is beautifully crafted, with a sleek and modern design.  It can double as a showpiece and is a perfect addition in any household or business.  Another upside to the Olympus Juice Press is that it is all manual and not electric; therefore, doesn’t make any noise.  You won’t have to worry about bothering the neighbors at any time of day with a juicing session ever again.

Reviewers and owners agree that cleanup of the Olympus Juice Press is incredibly easy, as the removable parts are all dishwasher safe.  Reviewers also say this juicer is remarkably simple and safe to use.  The Olympus Juice Press comes equipped with a handle that is significantly longer than the handles of its competitors, which provide better leverage for the user, making the juicing process faster and easier.  The handle is also encased in rubber to prevent injury to the user’s hand and fingers.  The Olympus Juice Press also rests on a heavy base which provides better stability during juicing sessions.

Despite all its positive features, the Olympus Juice Press draws some complaints from its users.  Some owners say the Olympus is too hard to move around while others complain that you need to hold the juicer down while using the lever to avoid tilting.  Also, the Olympus Juice Press comes featuring a one year warranty, which is a shorter period of time than what some other competing juicer brands offer.

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