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Tribest Z Star Manual Juicer Reviews

Posted on February 06, 2013 by Juicers Best | 0 comments

Tribest is world-renowned for their award-winning products, which are known to be some of the most efficient and best performing juicers on the market today.  Tribest has been crafting high quality juicers for households for over a decade and half.

The Tribest Z Star is light, versatile, and portable.  The upside of this juicer is that you can take it with you and juice when you travel.  All you have to do is clamp the juicer down to a flat surface, turn the crank, and you have juice on the go; it’s as simple as that.  Its single-auger design uses an incredibly efficient process to extract maximum juice yield using only the power of your arm moving the crank. 

Wheatgrass is known to have some of the greatest sources of enzymes, chlorophyll, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals when compared with other fruits and vegetables.  However it is a produce that is notorious for being difficult to juice.  There was a time when some said that only expensive juicers on the market could be able to efficiently juice wheatgrass.  Fortunately, the Z Star specializes in juicing wheatgrass, and can also juice and handle a variety of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables.  Another plus is that the Z Star just so happens to be one of the most affordable juicers on the market.

Owners and reviewers alike both agree the Z Star is remarkably easy to clean.  All that is needed is a simple rinsing under running tap water after taking the juicer apart.  The whole process of cleanup should take no more than about five minutes.  Owners say that the Z Star is incredibly easy and uncomplicated to assemble and disassemble as well.

The Z Star also makes very little noise.  It has no motor and relies completely on the power of your arm turning the crank. You won’t have to worry about waking the neighbors up with a juicing session ever again.  Another positive is that you also get in a brief workout and burn a couple of calories every time you juice.

Another positive to buying the Z Star juicer is its light weight, making it incredibly easy to move around.  It is also significantly more affordable than many other juicers for the quality of juice that it extracts.  In addition, because of its attractive and sleek design, this juicer is a perfect fit in any kitchen and a welcome addition to any home.

Despite all its positive attributes, there are some drawbacks to purchasing the Tribest Z Star.  It only comes with a one-year warranty, a shorter amount of time than some competing juicer warranties. In addition, some reviewers complain about the lack of convenience in juicing using a manual crank, rather than letting a motor do all the work.


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