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Tribest Fruitstar Juicer Reviews

Posted on February 02, 2013 by Juicers Best | 2 comments

Tribest Fruitstar Juicer ReviewsTribest is one of the world’s premiere juicer brands, crafting high quality home juicers for over a decade and a half.  You are sure to get your money’s worth when purchasing a Tribest, which are made to perform and last for years. 

The Tribest Fruitstar juicer is an absolutely incredible machine.  It is a vertical auger style that is designed with efficiency and safety in mind.  The Fruitstar is made specifically to juice fruits although it can also handle some vegetables and leafy greens.  It boasts a motor with an impressive 240 watts and juices at 80 rotations per minute.  The strength of this motor is greater than most of the Fruitstar’s competitors on the market.  The Fruitstar preserves the precious enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients found in the produce by keeping the heat level low when juicing.  This prevents overheating of the juicer and oxidation of the juice.  The result is a higher quality and healthier juice that will last longer.

Another positive of the Fruitstar is how quietly it juices.  You will never need to worry about waking the neighbors up no matter when you decide to have a juicing session.  The Fruitstar operates at a low 55 decibels.  The Fruitstar also comes with safety features, ensuring that the unit can only operate once the machine is properly assembled.

The Fruitstar is also compact, small enough to fit on any kitchen counter.  It’s sleek and aesthetic design is a welcome addition to any household.  It even comes with a handle that aids with easy transportation.

Owners and reviewers alike both agree that the Fruitstar is remarkably easy to assemble and disassemble.  It’s simple and uncomplicated and doesn’t take long at all.  Another feature that the Fruitstar has is its innovative pulp wiping assembly.  It lowers blockage due to an excess of pulp buildup on the juicing screen.  In addition, owners say that cleanup of the entire juicer is a cinch, simply requiring rinsing of the parts with running water.  The total cleanup time after a juicing session shouldn’t take any more than about five minutes.

The Fruitstar is made to last, promising durability and high performance even after frequent and heavy duty use over long periods of time.  Tribest Juicers is so confident in its product that the Fruitstar comes with a comprehensive ten-year warranty, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. 

Despite all its positive features, there are some drawbacks to the Fruitstar.  Stringy vegetables need to be cut down to lower the chance of clogging.  This extra step of preparation uses valuable time and effort, and draws complaints from some users.  However, most users are content to put up with it as long as the juicer continues to perform at a high level.

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  • Juicers Best

    Thanks Elizabeth! The correction has been made.. Good eye!

  • Elizabeth

    Hey, great article. Only I noticed that the picture is of Kuvings slow juicer, not Tribest Fruitstar.


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