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Omega VERT HD VRT350 Juicer Reviews

Posted on January 28, 2013 by Juicers Best | 1 comment

Omega is one of the top juicer brands you will find on the market today.  Known for their high-quality craftsmanship and durable and efficient performance, you will certainly get your money’s worth when you purchase an Omega juicer.  The VRT350 is designed to be easy to use, compact, and productive, making your juicing experience as simple and pleasant as possible.

The VRT350 is a low speed, masticating style juicer with a vertical design that runs at a speed of 80 RPMS.  The low speed keeps the heat level at a minimum, protecting the juicer from overheating and preventing enzymes and nutrients in fruits and vegetables from getting destroyed. 

The Omega VRT350 juicer uses the Low Speed Technology System, which extracts juice from vegetables and fruits by pressing them hard and slow, rather than by spinning the pulp forcefully.  The result is maximum juice yield and bone dry pulp.  The VRT350 is designed to juice a myriad of foods.  This juicer is able to juice almost all types of vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens efficiently.  Among the foods the VRT350 juices easily are cilantro, spinach, celery, carrot, apple, kale, ginger, and parsley. 

Yet another feature the VRT350 includes is the Automatic Wiping System.  This system is the only juicer on the market that has such a feature.  It is a silicon wiper comparable to the wiper found on a car’s windshield.  This feature makes the VRT350 incredibly easy to clean, saving you valuable time and energy in cleanup.  Owners warn that not cleaning thoroughly may leave a film of grime that might contaminate the juicer.  You don’t need to worry about that with the VRT350.  The silicon wiping blade is guaranteed to catch every bit of residue that threatens to contaminate your juicer, ensuring a clean and spotless screen after each usage.

The VRT350 is known to be very efficient in terms of electricity used and juice produced.  Because this juicer presses rather than spins, it provides you more juice yield and uses less energy and electricity.  The juice extracted by the VRT350 is of a higher quality than that made by centrifugal juicers, since the pressing act ensures that no antioxidants are destroyed in the process of juicing.  The juice made by the VRT 350 is also fresher, and guaranteed to last longer than juice extracted by a centrifugal juicer.

Another upside to the VRT350 is its self cleaning feature.  All you have to do is pour water into the juicer and rinse when juicing a different food. This should save you plenty of time and effort when it comes to cleanup.  In addition, the VRT350 is remarkably quiet when compared to other juicers on the market.  This should allow you to juice at any time of the day without bothering any neighbors. 

Finally, the VRT350 is compact enough to fit in any kitchen counter, bringing style and quality to any home.  Also, the VRT350 comes with a comprehensive ten-year warranty, guaranteeing durability and high quality performance even after heavy duty, frequent use.



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  • Jenny

    I was debating between this juicer and the Breville Fountain Crush, masticating juicer. Decided to go with the Breville and love how quiet the masticating juicers are compared to the centrifugal. Also, I ’m Impressed by how far my produce goes with the masticating juicer. Just wish it was dishwasher safe!


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