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Breville Juice Fountain Crush BSJ600XL Reviews

Posted on January 20, 2013 by Juicers Best | 0 comments

The Breville Juicer Fountain Crush BSJ600XL is an upright masticating juicer.  Also known as slow juicers or single auger juicers, this juicer crushes and squeezes rather than shredding. The result is that it produces juice with added pulp and fiber.  This juicer crushes fruits and vegetables, maximizing the juice extracted from them.  The crushing and squeezing action retains nutrients and some fiber, making for a delicious glass of thicker and smoother juice.

Breville products are known for their durability, efficiency, and quality. This Breville will double the amount of juice you extract from vegetables and fruits, expelling pulp that is bone dry.  This will ensure that you will not have to re-juice the pulp to get maximum juice yield from your vegetables and fruits.  This Breville juicer is also a space-saver in the kitchen.  Its compact size and sleek, beautiful design is a welcome addition to any kitchen counter.

This Breville is remarkably easy to assemble, disassemble, and operate.  Also, cleanup is painless since all parts can be easily washed by running water and soap.  A thorough cleanup of all parts should take no more than five minutes.  There is even a cleaning brush included with each unit that will facilitate the cleanup process.

Masticating juicers like this Breville are best at juicing softer fruits like berries and wheatgrass and shine at juicing leafy greens, but are also able to juice harder fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. Because the Breville Juicer Fountain Crush juices slowly, it keeps more of the fiber and less of the froth in the juice and produces very dry pulp.

The Juice Fountain Crush makes juicing easy. With safety features like a system that requires all parts to be locked in before the juicer starts, reverse direction control, and an overload protection system that automatically stops the machine from operating when the load is too high, this Breville juicer makes operation safe and easy.  In addition, this Breville juicer is powered by an ultra- quiet 240 watt motor which operates more quietly than many other competing juicers on the market.

Despite all its positive aspects, the Juicer Fountain Crush does have some drawbacks.  The one year warranty offered by Breville is a shorter period of time than some competing juicer warranties.  Also, the price of this Breville model is rather expensive when compared with some other masticating juicers. However, you will find that spending a little extra money for the quality craftsmanship found in this Breville juicer is worth it.

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