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Breville BJE510XL Reviews

Posted on January 16, 2013 by Juicers Best | 2 comments

One of the most popular and best selling juicers on the market, you cannot go wrong with the Breville BJE510XL.  With a rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon, you are sure to get your money’s worth by purchasing this well reviewed juicer.  It is meant for the casual juicer but with the reliable quality to fit anyone doing heavy juicing as well.  There are many people who mistakenly think that cheap juicers on the market are as productive and efficient as higher quality juicers.  There is actually a massive difference which becomes apparent with use and when you compare other reviews with that of the modern and unique Breville BJE510XL.

The Breville BJE510XL boasts an impressive 12500 rpm extraction power and can fill an 8-ounce glass in a mere five seconds.  A great feature that makes this product very reliable and unique is the powerful motor, probably one of the most powerful on a juicer. The 900-watt motor will allow you to juice hard and solid products quicker, without even damaging the motor over time. A standard juicer motor nowadays is 700-watt, therefore a 900-watt motor is more than recommended for best results.

This juicer is known for its efficiency, producing much more juice than its competitors and expelling drier pulp.  It is also notably easy to use due to its well-thought out design.  It has an extra-large feed tube that allows for processing of whole fruits and vegetables, saving you the trouble of any prep work.  The feed tube is strategically placed right on the center of the disc that is directly responsible for cutting and then processing all the fruits and vegetables. The balanced processing method will provide more consistency of juice extraction.

Clean up is also a cinch with this Breville juicer, since all the parts are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned just by using running water and soap.  There isn’t much to clean since all the pulp is collected in a separate container.  Simply clean the container about once a week at your leisure.  Another plus to this Breville is the noise level it produces.  No, it is not known to be whisper quiet but it makes minimal noise and is likely not loud enough to wake up the neighbors.  In addition, considering the quality of this Breville when compared to other top-quality juicers on the market, this juicer is reasonably priced and affordable, and even includes a one year warranty.

This juicer has the benefit of having a sleek design because of its stainless steel construction.  It looks elegant and modern, and is a perfect addition to any kitchen.  Not only is the stainless steel construction an aesthetic plus, it provides a solid and sturdy build quality.

Despite all its positive aspects, there are some things this juicer can’t do.  Even though it's known to be one of the top performing juicers on the market, it is far from perfect.  This Breville juicer won’t juice everything.  If you want to juice parsley, wheat grass or mint, you should look for a masticating juicer.  It is also not recommended for fruits with bitter seeds since it crushes everything.   This juicer is not a viable solution for juicing Pomegranates or other fruits with bitter seeds.  Also, the one year warranty offered is less than some competing juicer warranties.



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