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Lighten Me Up Lemonade

Posted on February 10, 2014 by Juicers Best | 0 comments
Fruit juice recipe for weight lossMaking this drink a staple in your diet along with a consistent exercise regimen can help you shed those unwanted pounds quickly. Some studies suggest that consuming fruit regularly during a period of dieting can actually aid in accelerating weight loss. If you are going to lose weight, you should do it the tasty way.

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Cranberry Apple Delight

Posted on October 09, 2012 by Juicers Best | 0 comments

They got you wrapped around their finger!For those partial to tart flavors, here's your fix.  Freshly juiced cranberries pack an awesome preventative punch against ailments like heart disease, bladder and urinary tract infections.  Good luck trying to get these health benefits from the bottled stuff that you'll find at the grocery store or your local convenience store.  That stuff isn't pure cranberry juice, it's what's called cranberry cocktail.

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