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Best Juice For Digestion

Posted on October 30, 2012 by Juicers Best | 2 comments

1/2 small Papaya
3 leaves kale
1/8 head cabbage
Thumb-sized piece of ginger
1 wedge lemon

Flush with papain, a helpful digestive enzyme, papayas can be a helpful aid when having digestive issues.  Ginger also helps to relieve the intestinal tract, reduce gas and calm nausea.  Cabbage aids in removing waste from the stomach and small intestines, which can help in the digestive process and relieve constipation.  If you are looking for the best juice for digestion, you've found it.  Try it out!  Let us know if it was helpful.

Here are some other great fruits and vegetables to juice to help with digestion.

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  • Rachael

    Papaya is very beneficial in digestive issues. It’s the best homemade recipe. Thanks for sharing papaya juice recipe with us.

  • Whitney

    Are you supposed to remove the papaya seeds?


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