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Yoga for Weight Loss

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Juicers Best | 0 comments

Here are a few yoga poses that can help you shed some unwanted pounds:

Hover Pose
Start out in a push-up stance on toes with both arms straight and with your hands below shoulders.  While exhaling, lower chest to the floor simultaneously bending your elbows back, with your arms close to your body and with flexed abs.  Hold this position a few inches above the floor.

Crescent Pose

While standing with feet together and arms at your sides, inhale and raise arms overhead, reaching towards the sky.  While exhaling, bend forward from hips, and bring your hands to the floor.  Inhale and exhale while positioning your right leg back into a lunge stance.  Keep your left knee bent at around 90 degrees with your knee over your ankle and your right leg extended on the ball of your right foot.  Inhale and lift your arms overhead, and hold. Then return to standing and repeat the lunging stance with your left leg this time.

Rocking Boat Pose

Sit down with your feet on the floor and bent knees with hands on your thighs.  Keep a straight torso and with your head in line with your body, lean back 45 degrees while raising your feet with pointed toes and so your calves are parallel to the floor.  While inhaling, extend your legs and arms forward while keeping your legs together.  Exhale and while inhaling, lower your legs and torso about 4 inches so your body forms an extended V shape.  While exhaling, raise your legs and torso for 5 repetitions.

Chair Pose

While standing with feet together and arms at your sides inhale and raise arms overhead, with your palms facing one another.  Sit back at about 45 degrees, and keep your knees behind your toes while flexing your abs to support your back.

Willow Pose

Stand with feet together and your arms at your sides.  Place your left foot sole on the inside of your right thigh.  Place your palms together in front your chest for 2 breaths.  Inhale while extending your arms up with your fingertips towards the sky.  Exhale and then inhale while bending your torso towards your left.  Straighten up and repeat 5 times, then switch sides.

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