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Benefits of Juicing Brussels Sprouts

Posted on December 15, 2012 by Juicers Best

Brussels sprouts are a cruciferous vegetable, originally from Brussels, Belgium.  Brussels sprouts are known as one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet.  They are jam packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals which are known to support a properly functioning body.  By juicing Brussels sprouts, it allows your body to absorb all the nutrients found inside easier than if eaten.  Simply by equipping yourself with a quality juicer you can begin adding incredibly healthy Brussels sprouts juice to your diet.  Brussels sprouts juice is a great source of vitamin A, B6, C, E, K, potassium, manganese, folate acid, iron, glucosinolates, riboflavin, and thiamin.

Brussels sprouts juice is known to have potent anti-cancer properties.  It is high in cancer-fighting phyotchemicals which protect tissue, organs, and DNA from damage.  Brussels sprouts have proven to be able to disarm disease-causing free radicals, harmful molecules which cause damage to the DNA and create mutations which lead to serious ailments including cancer.  Less DNA damage signifies a lower risk of cancer growth.  Brussels sprouts juice can also significantly aid in inhibiting the development of breast, prostate, colon, bladder, and ovarian cancer cells. 

Brussels sprouts juice is plentiful in vitamin content, which holds many health advantages.  Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin C content, which is necessary for producing collagen and essential for healthy skin and connective tissue.  A diet high in vitamin C will help prevent the development of problems such as cancer and heart disease.  It will also guarantee a healthy immune system, lower blood pressure, combat lead toxicity, and fight the onset of age-related eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts.  Vitamin C will also aid in preventing damage to cells within the body, which can lead to heart disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, and stroke.  Brussels sprouts juice is also high in vitamin K, which can improve bone health and help with blood coagulation.

Drinking Brussels sprouts juice regularly is beneficial for cardiovascular health.  Brussels sprouts contain sulforaphane, a powerful compound that triggers anti-inflammatory activity in the body’s cardiovascular system.  Sulforaphane will not only prevent blood vessel damage, it is known to even reverse it.  Through regulating inflammation within the body, Brussels sprouts juice can combat various cardiovascular illnesses such as atherosclerosis and heart disease.  In addition, drinking Brussels sprouts juice may lower bad cholesterol levels, effectively lessening the risk of arterial blockage.  Brussels sprouts juice is also known to aid in weight loss and digestion, prevent constipation, and maintain lower blood sugar levels.


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