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Benefits of Juicing Onions

Posted on November 05, 2012 by Juicers Best

Onion juice is not the first thought that comes to mind when it comes to vegetable juice, but the benefits of drinking this potent vegetable are numerous and undeniable.  Onions are packed with many antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals, making it a great choice of vegetable to juice.  Onions are rich in vitamin A, B, C, potassium, manganese, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, chromium, and iron.  Onion juice has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, blood thinner, aphrodisiac, and cancer-fighter.  Drinking onion juice also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

The advantages of eating onions are no secret.  Onions have been consumed all over the world throughout human history for their nutritional benefits.  Onions are known to prevent and treat a multitude of illnesses and conditions including osteoporosis, flu, colds, and constipation.  Drinking onion juice will also increase circulation in the body, regulate blood pressure, and maintain sugar levels.  Onions lower bad cholesterol and the risk of blood clots, thereby reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack.

The vitamins contained in onions may prevent the formation of cataracts, proving beneficial to the health of your vision as you grow older.  Onions are significantly low in calories and aid in reducing your appetite, making it a great choice for those who are trying to lose weight.

Consuming onion juice has also been proven to fight different forms of cancer, including breast, colon, and lung cancer. Onions are known to be rich in a compound known as allicin, which has cancer-destroying properties.  One study even claimed that a regular diet of onions can reduce the odds of getting cancer by an astounding 50%.  Other nutrients found in onions have been shown to treat ailments such as depression and anxiety.

Onions stimulate your entire immune system and increase circulation of the blood. Drinking onion juice daily can aid in treating conditions such as anemia, arthritis and gout. Studies have also proven onions to be effective against illnesses such as tuberculosis in addition to serious infections such as salmonella, E.coli, and cystitis.


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