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Benefits of Juicing Tomatoes

Posted on November 01, 2012 by Juicers Best

Tomatoes have massive health benefits when juiced.  Tomatoes, often mistaken to be a vegetable, are a great source of nutrients that can easily be added to your diet.  This fruit can be consumed in a variety of ways, but the best and easiest approach to get the highest quantity of tomatoes, and therefore the highest amount of nutrients, into your diet is to juice them.  Not only does fresh tomato juice taste delicious, it is loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Some minerals and vitamins tomato juice contains are vitamin A, B, C, K, iron, copper, manganese, potassium, niacin, and zinc.

Studies have confirmed that tomatoes lower the odds of getting certain types of cancer, including prostate, colon, stomach, mouth, esophageal, cervical and pancreatic cancer.  Tomatoes are rich in an antioxidant named lycopene, which destroy free radicals in your system.  The presence of free radicals can cause damage to the cells in the body, causing and leading to conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration.  Lycopene also aids in preventing damage to the skin, preventing wrinkles and effectively slowing down the aging process. In addition, lycopene has also been shown to protect DNA in white blood cells. Lycopene is not a compound the human body naturally creates and must be added to the body from an outside source, such as tomato juice. 

Tomato juice has been proven to be beneficial to heart health.  The antioxidants in tomatoes assist in the prevention of heart attacks and reduce the risk of heart disease.  Vitamins found in tomatoes help the body break down a compound known as homocystene, which has been found to cause heart disease and other cardiovascular complications.  

Drinking tomato juice as part of a daily regimen will also aid in managing your weight and boost your entire immune system.  Tomato juice stimulates your metabolism and suppresses hunger, which may lead to weight loss.  Furthermore, tomato juice will significantly increase the amount of energy you have during the day, allowing you to perform tasks with added vigor.



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